Modify User's Access Level

Access Levels define users' access to doors/readers for a defined time schedule. After Access Level is created, it needs to be added to users to grant them access to doors based on the readers/doors and time schedule in that access level.

Please follow the steps below to add Access Level(s) to a user in UnityIS Web:

  • From the main menu on the left, click on Access Control and then click on Personnel Manager to access the module.
  • Select a user that you wish to add/remove Access Level(s) to.
  • The user record will open in a pop-up window. Under the Access Levels tab click on Edit Assigned Access Levels.
  • Select a proper Controller Group on the pop-up window, to display Access Levels from that Controller Group, please note that each controller group has separate time schedule/holidays and access levels.
  • Select the Access Level(s) that you wish to assign, and then click on Apply Selected Access Levels.
  • Click on Save button to Apply & Download changes to the field controllers.

Watch Video Tutorial here.

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