Create/Edit a Time Schedule

Time Schedule defines the time period during which users can get access through doors or doors can be put on defined time schedule to lock/unlock them based on the time schedule.

  • From the main menu click on Access Control and then click on Time Schedule to access the module.
  • Select a Time Schedule from the drop down menu that you wish to Program/Edit. Please select proper controller group if controller groups are being utilized.
  • Under Command button, click on Rename Time Schedule to rename the Time Schedule.
  • Type in a description and then click on Save button to rename it.
  • Click on +Interval 1 to expand it, enter Start Time & Stop Time for the first interval, and select the required days/Holiday Groups buttons.
  • Click on Save button to apply changes

Note: Here is how you can Create Time Schedule with Multiple Intervals. 

Watch Video Tutorial here.

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