Define a Holiday

Holidays are important feature of access control management, this feature is helpful when the facility/building is closed on holidays and it is not required to grant access to users on these days. This article guides to define holidays in UnityIS to prevent people from accessing your facility during holidays.

Note: If some users are required to access the building even on holidays then you must check the respective holidays box when defining/creating time schedules. 

  • From the main menu click on Access Control and then click on Holidays to access the module.
  • If controller groups are being utilized then select proper controller group.
  • Click on + New Holiday to open new holiday pop-up window.
  • Type in a description for the holiday.
  • Select a Start Date & Stop Date from the calendar for your holiday.
  • Select a Holiday Type by checking the H box(es), this will be used in defining time schedules, if the respective H box is selected in Time Schedule then users will get access (or door will unlock if doors are following that time schedule) if left un-selected in Time Schedule then users won't get access or doors will stay locked based on holiday duration. 
  • Click on Save button to create your holiday.

 Watch video tutorial here.

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