Door Control

Door Control provides real-time status of all door contacts and door locks throughout the system. Please note that only doors from online controllers will be displayed with their real-time status.

The steps below will guide you in manually controlling the doors from UnityIS:

  • From the main menu, click on Monitor and Control and then click on Door Control to access the module.
  • Once the module is loaded, you will see real-time status for all of your Doors, along with three command buttons, which are defined below:

1. Unlock- This command will unlock the door to allow access. Please note that sending the Unlock command will put the door into an Unsecured/Unlocked state, until the door has been manually Secured/Locked.

2. Lock: This command will lock the door.

3. Momentarily Unlock: This command will unlock the door for the amount of time programmed in Hardware Manager, and does not require the lock command to be sent to the door.

Watch video tutorial here.

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