Reader Modes

A Reader Mode defines how a reader will behave when a credential is presented. The steps below will guide you on how to change the Reader Mode for a particular reader.

  • From the main menu click on Configuration and then Hardware Manager to access the module.
  • Expand the hardware tree and select a reader that you want to view and/or change the mode.
  • Click on the Device Commands button, first button to the right side of a reader, to open the command window.
  • In the Execute Command Window you will see the current Mode of the reader and below that you will see other reader modes that you can execute to change a reader mode.
  • Click on any command to change the reader mode. Below is what the reader mode means:

1. Disabled Reader: This mode means no access at all. The reader will not grant access for any card reads, REX (request to exit).

2. Unlocked: The reader is unlocked and any one can get access without presenting a card or key fob.

3. Locked (No Access, Allow Rex): This means that the reader will not allow access by presenting a card or key fob. and the reader can be unlocked from REX button only.

4. Correct Facility Code Required: Reader will unlock if the card presented has the same facility code that the controller is configured for, even if the card is not in system.

5. Card Only: Reader will unlock only by presenting a valid card.

6. PIN Only: Reader will unlock only with PIN.

7. Card and PIN: Reader will unlock by presenting a valid card and entering a valid PIN.

8. Card or PIN: Reader will unlock either by presenting a valid card or entering a valid PIN.

Watch video tutorial here.

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