Add New Controller

  • From the main menu click on Configuration and then click on Hardware Manager to access the module.
  • Select a Driver from left side menu that you want to add the controller to, and then click Add/Delete button on the top left side and then click on Add Controller.
  • Please note that the Add Controller window should display the driver that you want to add controller to, like "Add Controller To Driver 1".
  • Select the Controller Group that the controller is to be added to, Controller Type from the drop-down controller list, Select Controller Address from the list, type a description for that controller in Description field and then click on +Add Controller button.
  • After the new controller is added, change/modify the configuration fields below in controller properties;
    • Connection Type: Network (IP Client)
    • Channel Baud Rate: 38400
    • Channel Port: 3001 (This is the default TCP port for mercury hardware)
    • MAC Address: Type the MAC address of the controller.
    • GMT Offset: Select appropriate GMT Offset/Time Zone.
  • Click on Save button to apply the changes, the controller should come online in a few seconds.

Watch video tutorial here.

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