Day Scheduling

NOTE:   Day Scheduling is used to program reader(s)/door(s) to unlock on a specific day for a specific timed interval.  This functionality is achieved via the UnityIS server and therefore requires that the UnityIS server be running in order for the reader(s)/door(s) to follow the programmed unlock timed intervals. You can either Add readers or ACRG. You can create ACRG by following the link below

Adding ACR Groups / Reader(s) to a Day Schedule Date

  • Click on the Access Control menu and select Day Scheduling.
  • If Controller Groups are being utilized, select the appropriate Controller Group from the drop down pick list next to Controller Groups.
  • Select desired Date that you would like the reader(s) to unlock on from built in calendar.
  • Select the appropriate Start Time and End Time.  This is time period that the reader(s) will be unlocked.
  • Now if you want to add individual readers then click in the Readers(s) box or if you want to add an ACRG then click in the Access Control Reader Group(s) field to select a ACRG.
  • Click on Save button to save the configuration, you can see programmed days by click on the Programmed Day(s) button at the top right.

Note:  Day Schedule Dates can be programmed for up to a year in advance and repeat for the following years. 

Watch video tutorial here.

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