Card Formats- Ignore Facility Codes

A Card Format is a set of values used to configure a card reader to accept certain bit or data structures and facility codes. Up to eight (8) card formats can be added per mercury controller. 

If all 8 cardformats slots are taken up, you can choose ignore the Facility Codes of the same bit structure cards. For example, if you're using 37bit cards with different Facility Code values, you can create a single Card Format for the 37bit cards and ignore the Facility Code. We only recommend doing this if you've reached the 8 card formats limit.

  • From the main menu click on Configuration and then Hardware Manager to access the module.
  • Click on the Driver to expand list of controllers attached to that driver.
  • Select a controller from the list and then click on the Card Format button, displayed in the properties pane of that controller.
  • In the Card Format window, select a card format slot that is already in use. Next, change the following Properties for this cardformat:

    Facility Code = -1
    Facility Code Bits = 0
  • Once you have defined your card format, click on Save button to save and apply changes. 

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