Graphic Maps - Plotting Devices

To plot devices, like Readers, Inputs, Outputs etc. on a graphic map please follow the steps below:

  • From the main menu, click on Monitor and Control and then select Graphic Maps to open the module.
  • Once the module is opened, click on Configuration Mode to go to configuration menu.
  • Select a map from the maps drop-down list, now click on device categories, i.e. Readers, Inputs, Outputs, Cameras, to plot appropriate device.
  • Select the particular device, from the drop-down list, that you need to plot and click on Plot Device button.
  • The device icon will appear on the top left corner of the map, you can drag it to change its position accordingly. Similarly, you can select other device(s) and plot them in the same manner.
  • Once all the devices are positioned then click on Exit Configuration Mode to complete plotting devices.

Watch video tutorial here.

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