Card Formats

A Card Format is a set of values used to configure a card reader to accept certain bit or data structures and facility codes. Up to eight (8) card formats can be added per mercury controller.

  • From the main menu click on Configuration and then Hardware Manager to access the module.
  • Click on the Driver to expand list of controllers attached to that driver.
  • Select a controller from the list and then click on the Card Format button, displayed in the properties pane of that controller.
  • In the Card Format window, select a card format slot that is not already in use, now click on the Library button to import a pre-defined card format, or define your card format by typing your card format bit structure in their respective fields.
  • Once you have defined your card format, click on Save button to save and apply changes. You can also delete a format by selecting that format and then click on Delete button.

Watch video tutorial here.

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