Blue Mobile Credential Management

Pre-requisite: Please make sure your Bluetooth reader is programmed (flashed) to support either the Green or Blue Mobile Credential. The Bluetooth readers cannot support both Green and Blue credentials. Contact IMRON Support if you’re unsure.

Creating a New Mobile Credential

In order to create a new Mobile Credential (Virtual Access Card), please follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to the Personnel Manager page of UnityIS.
  2. Find and select the personnel record that you wish to add a new credential to.
  3. Verify that the personnel record has the correct First Name, Last Name and valid Email defined in the ‘Info’ tab. The Email field is particularly important as this is where the activation link will be sent to for the mobile credential.
  4. Next, select the 'Credentials' tab and click on ‘+ Add Mobile Credential’.
  5. Once the credential has been created, an autogenerated number will be assigned as a new credential with a status of ‘Created’.
  6. The email recipient will get an email informing them that their virtual access card is ready. The email recipient will need to install the STid Mobile ID app on their phone. Once installed, they can then activate their virtual card by clicking on the link in the email. Android Mobile ID Virtual Access Card Activation - YouTube

Revoking a Mobile Credential

In order to revoke a Mobile Credential (Virtual Access Card), please follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to the Personnel Manager page of UnityIS.
  2. Find and select the personnel record that has the credential that you wish to revoke.
  3. Select the 'Credentials' tab and click on the 'Revoke Credential' button.
  4. Confirm your selection and the system will begin the process for revoking the credential.
  5. The status of the credential will change in the system to 'Pending Revoke'. At this point the system is waiting for the old credential to check in, and once that occurs the system will change the status to 'Revoked'.
  6. Once the status of the credential displays 'Revoked', only then can it be deleted. Please note that this process can take minutes, if not longer depending on whether or not the credential is in use. If the phone was lost, then the credential should be marked as lost, but the credits for the credential will be lost. Pending Revokes can update quicker by doing a force shutdown of the STid Mobile ID app, followed by a relaunch of the mobile app.

Lost Credential

Mark a credential as lost only if it has been 'Revoked' or is 'Pending Revoke' and the credential was lost. By doing this, the credential will remain in the UnityIS database, but will not grant access in the system. By marking a credential as lost, a new mobile credential can then be assigned to the same person and all historical references will still show for the person. Only perform a Delete Credential if you want this credential to be removed from the person's record and if you do not intend to run history on where the person used that mobile credential when it was active.

Marking a record as Lost, while the revoke is still pending will cause you to lose the credits for that mobile credential. Please use caution when using this command.

Activating a Mobile Credential on an Android Phone

Frequently Asked Questions:

My customer bought a new phone and wants to transfer their credential from their old phone to the new one. What steps need to be followed?
  1. Start by initiating a revoke to their old credential and wait for the credential to be fully revoked. This process can be expedited by performing a force shutdown of the STid Mobile ID app, followed by a restart of the mobile app. If the old phone was lost or wiped accidentally, then the credential should be marked as lost and the credits will be lost.
  2. Create a new credential in UnityIS- Personnel Manager.

My customer tried to activate their credential from the link that they received, but they got an error message stating that the link has expired. What can be done to resolve this?
  1. If the link for the mobile credential has expired or is no longer valid, then a new link will have to be sent by clicking on the 'Send Credential' button for that credential in UnityIS- Personnel Manager. The link within the activation email is only good for one click. If the link was clicked from a PC or clicked-on before the app was installed then it will no longer be valid and require a new link.

When trying to do a Remote Unlock, your phone reports that the command has failed and needs to cool down.
  • Restart the Bluetooth service on your phone and try again, this should solve the issue.

My customer only wants to receive text messages rather than an email.

  • For the email address field in Personnel Manager, enter the 10 digit mobile number of the customer followed by the service provider domain found below (Cellular data fees may apply. Check with your carrier):
    • Verizon:
    • AT&T:
    • T-Mobile:
    • Boost Mobile:
    • Cricket Wireless:
    • Virgin Mobile:

For Green Credential visit: Add Green Mobile Credential

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