Visitor Management with UnityIS

How it Works

  • A Visitor can register at pre-defined locations using any IP-connected device (ie tablet, phone, desktop, etc...) or a Visitor can receive an email with a link to the registration form.
  • During the Visitor registration, the Visitor will input their first name, last name, email, phone number, and take a selfie. 
  • Upon clicking submit the Visitor is assigned a pre-configured Personnel Template and based on that template will determine what doors the Visitor will have access to.
  • The Visitor will get a QR Code emailed to their phone and will be automatically registered at the SAFR Scan face authentication readers.


  1. Login as an Admin in UnityIS and select the System Settings menu.
  2. From System Settings, click on the Visitor Management section.
  3. Check the Enable Visitor Kiosk to enable Visitor Kiosk Mode.
  4. Enter the name of the place that the visitor is visiting. This name will appear in the welcome message of the Visitor Kiosk. If this field is blank, then an IMRON Corporation logo will display in the welcome to message. Images or company logos can be entered using the <img src='[image url]'> HTML tag.
  5. Enter the Kiosk IP address(es) that the Visitor Kiosk will be accessed from. Multiple addresses can be entered by using a comma as a delimiter.
  6. Select a Personnel Template that will be assigned to the Visitor when they check in. Personnel Templates can be defined in Personnel Manager.

Visitor Kiosk

  1. Access the login page for UnityIS from any location of the pre-defined Kiosk IP address(es).
  2. At the login screen, you will notice a Visitor Kiosk Mode link at the bottom, that will navigate to the Visitor page.
  3. Visitors can now use the system and register themselves from this Visitor page.
  4. Once registered, a personnel record will get generated for the Visitor and they will be assigned to the pre-defined Personnel Template.
  5. If the Personnel Template contained Access Levels, then the Visitor will have access to those doors by using the QR Code that was emailed to them and/or their face using the SAFR Scan reader.

Email Visitor Registration Form

  1. To email a visitor the visitor registration form, access Personnel Manager.
  2. From the Commands menu click on Email Visitor Registration Form.
  3. Enter the visitor's email address and click on Send Email.

After the above steps have been performed, the visitor will get an email with a link to the Visitor Registration Form, where they can enter their name, phone number and take a selfie. Once registered, they will be able to access the facility at the designated readers that have been pre-assigned to their Personnel Template, using either their face or QR Code.

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