UnityIS Web Quick Setup Guide

UnityIS Web is a powerful security manage solution that integrates with hardware systems for access control, intrusion, fire, and video. It offers complete access management in the cloud from any internet-connected device, from any location. 

The guide will help you quickly add a personnel record, issue an access card, add/update Access Levels/Time Schedules, as well as run history transaction reports.



  1. Launch a browser, i.e. Chrome or Micrsoft Edge and enter the UnityIS URL. At the login screen, enter the Username and Password or sign in with Microsoft or Google Authentication.

  2. Add an access level(s) to a personnel record for door access. 

    Add a personnel record and assign credential(s). 

  3. Disable a personnel record. 

  4. Add one or more readers to an access level. 

  5. Add time schedule(s).

  6. Manage (Add/Edit/Delete) controllers and downstream devices. 

  7. Run reports on transactions and system events. 



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