Kone Elevator Configuration

Please follow the steps below to configure the Kone Elevator integration:

  • From Hardware Manager, add a Kone Driver.
  • Add a Controller and specify the Primary and Secondary IP addresses.
  • Start the Kone driver so that it can begin communicating to the Kone software.
  • From the hardware tree, select a (Mercury) reader that will be associated to an Elevator Terminal.
  • From here, you'll notice a property called 'Kone Elevator' which will allow you to associate the Controller, Terminal, Source Floor and Source Side associated to this reader.
  • Once you've configured all of the hardware, you can assign a 'Home Floor' to the Personnel records that will be using this system.  To do this navigate to the Personnel Manager module and unlock it.
  • Select the 'Employee Info' tab and then specify the 'Home Floor' and which side of the elevator should open (Front or Back).
  • When a card is presented at the reader that was associated to a Kone Terminal, then it should send the card holder to the home floor that they've been assigned.
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