Adding VertX Card Formats

The VertX hardware platform requires all bits of a card to be defined in order for the card number to be recognized. The use of Card Formats makes this possible. UnityIS has a default set of Card Formats most commonly used by the industry; however, if a card format is required that is not listed, please contact IMRON Support for assistance.

Adding a New Card Format to the System

  • In the UnityIS Server PC, open Windows File Explorer.
  • Navigate to the UnityIS installation folder, which is typically located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\UnityIS
  • Copy the Card Format(s) into the "Data" Folder located inside the UnityIS installation folder.

Applying a Card Format

  • From "Hardware Manager", select the VertX Driver. 
  • Click on "Card Formats" and select the Card Formats that will be used. Up to 255 Card Formats can be assigned per driver.
  • If you will not be using the "Universal" Format, check/select the "Hide Universal Format" box. This MUST be done prior to assigning Card Formats to personnel records.
  • Click the "OK" button to finish and close the Windows. 

Note:  Any newly added card formats will not take affect until a personnel download has been completed.

Assigning Card Formats to Personnel Records

  • From "Personnel Manager", locate the Personnel Record that will be assigned a Card Format.
  • From the 'Credentials' tab, click on the "Card Format" dropdown menu and select the Card Format associated with that credential. Click the "Save" button to finish.

Note: If you are not using the Universal Format, every credential in the system MUST have a Card Format assigned to it. Failure to assign each credential a card format will cause issues when saving & downloading cards to the controllers. Card Numbers must be within the range of the defined card format structure.


When a user presents a card to the reader, UnityIS displays: "Access Denied: Invalid" and a long card number.

  • A card format has not been defined for that credential so UnityIS is displaying the universal card number. Assign a card format to the credential.

When I click Save on a personnel record, I get an Alarm for each controller on the system: "System Event" and "Card Set Undefined or No Format".

  • A card format has not been assigned to the card, assign a card format.
  • A card number for a personnel record is not in the range (too long) for the defined format. Verify all card numbers are within the range of each format.
  • Perform a full download ("All databases") to the controllers.

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