Azure IC2 Controller: Adding to UnityIS

Considerations Prior to Setup

  • Requires UnityIS Web version 10.33.99 or newer.
  • Azure controller has been pre-configured
  • Azure Driver must already be added to UnityIS
  • Azure controller must be accessible from UnityIS Server via port 443

  • Log into UnityIS, click on the 'Configuration' module and select 'Hardware Manager':

  • Select the Azure hardware driver ('Access Control Driver') and click the 'Add/Delete' button to view the dropdown menu:

  • From the 'Add/Delete' dropdown menu select 'Add Controller' and a new window will open:

  • In the 'Add Controller to Driver X' window Enter the following properties:
    • Controller Group: Select the Controller Group this controller will be a part of (default is Controller Group 1).
    • Controller Type: Select Azure controller model (IC2).
    • Controller Address: The next available driver address will automatically be selected. You can select a different address if needed.
    • Description: Enter controller description (Main Entrance, Server Room etc.)

Click 'Add Controller' when finished. (The Window will automatically close)

  • Select the newly added Azure controller and click on the 'Controller Properties' button:

  • In the controller properties window enter the following:
    • Description: Enter controller description (Main Entrance, Server Room etc.) 
    • Poll: Enabled be default. Uncheck if controller will be offline for the foreseeable future)
    • Channel Port: Default is '443'
    • IP Address: Enter controllers IP Address.
    • Door Setup: Default is 'Two Doors'. If only 1 door will be used select 'One Door'.
    • MAC Address: DO NOT MANUALLY ENTER. This will auto populate when controller comes online
    • Time Zone: Select the time zone the controller where the controller will be located.

Click the 'Save' button when finished. (Window will automatically close)

  • Controller Status Screen should now display 'ONLINE' and show the date/time which might be incorrect until a hardware download is sent to controller.

  • Controller is now ready to be configured (Rename devices, time schedules, access levels, card formats etc.) in UnityIS.
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