Add/Delete Operator

Follow the steps below to add/delete an Operator in UnityIS Web.

  • From the main menu, click on Configuration and then click on System Settings.
  • Under Profiles and Operator Menu click on Operators to access the module.
  • Click on + New Record to add a new operator into UnityIS Web.
  • In the Operator Information window enter the information accordingly;
  • UserName: The username used to log the operator into UnityIS Web.
  • Profile: Permissions assigned to Operator based on the profile.
  • Password/Re-Enter Password: Type in a password for the operator to log in with. Password must follow the indicated criteria. 
  • Authentication: What type of authentication will be used to authenticate the operator.
  • Linked To: Operator can be linked to a Personnel record from personnel Manager.
  • To remove an operator click on the Delete Button to remove the operator login from UnityIS Web.

Watch video tutorial here.

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