Upgrading to MariaDB


The ‘UnityIS to New MariaDB Database’ function in the Data Import Utility is used to migrate existing sites that use either MS Access or SQL Server to the MariaDB data engine. This tool should be used instead of the Access2SQL tool. There are several benefits to using MariaDB over MS Access and SQL Server. MariaDB is an open source Relational database management system (RDBMS) that has a significantly smaller footprint than SQL Server. There are no database size limits with MariaDB, and it outperforms MS Access and SQL Server.

Steps to Follow

  • Upgrade the existing site to the latest build of UnityIS.
  • Run the UnityIS Windows application and wait for the start up module to display.
  • Exit UnityIS and install MariaDB (https://downloads.imron.com/MariaDB_Installer.exe).
  • Once MariaDB has been installed, run the Data Import Utility.
  • Select the following menu option: ‘Import From’ -> ‘UnityIS to New MariaDB Database’.
  • Enter the MariaDB connection information and click Save. If a MariaDB already exists, you will be prompted to continue before it is overwritten with a new one. 

  • This will begin the import process and may take a while to complete depending on how big the database size is. 
  • Once the import process has completed, the following message box will appear. Clicking OK will configure UnityIS to use the newly created MariaDB database.

Note: Typically the events table and audits table will take the longest to import. They are processed in groups of 10,000 records. Archiving unwanted history records before running this tool is recommended. 

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