Edit a Profile

  • From the main menu click on Configuration and then click on System Settings to access System Configuration.
  • On the right side, click on Profiles to access Profile Editor.
  • Select a profile from the drop-won menu that you wish to change permissions for.
  • Now you can Grant/Deny permission to access software modules for this profile.
  • Dashboard: Customize profile's dashboard layout.
  • Settings: Grant/Deny permissions for the profile to view/edit system settings within the application.
  • Controller Groups: Grant/Deny permissions for the profile to view Controller Groups.
  • Access Control: Grant/Deny permissions to view and Read/Write Access Modules.
  • Monitor and Control: Grant/Deny permission to View/Control Monitor and Control modules of the application.
  • Reporting: Grant/Deny permissions to access Report module.
  • Event Display: Grant/Deny permissions to view different events in Event Manager.
  • After you have defined permissions to a profile click on Save button to apply changes.

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