Add New Personnel Record

Personnel records are user in Access Control System or employees, visitors etc that are added to define their access control profile for the facility. The user is assigned with proper access to specific doors for specific time. Follow the steps below for adding a user in UnityIS.

  • From the left side menu, click on Access Control and then click on Personnel Manager.
  • On the top left side, click on Command button and then click on +New to add new record.
  • A pop up window will appear for add new record. On the Info tab enter the First Name, Last Name, email and all other information required by your company.
  • Click on the Credentials tab and then click on the +Add Credential button to add credentials. Fill in the credential details (Number, Status, Card Format, Activation/Expiration Date etc.)

Notes: you can add multiple credentials to a user using same method (step-4). Expiration date is at 0000 (12:00AM for Date selected)

  • Click on the Access Levels tab to add access levels.
  • Click on Edit Assigned Access Levels button to Add/remove access levels.
  • In the pop-up window, select your Controller Group and then choose your access levels you want to add to this record (You can select multiple access levels). Click on Apply Selected Access Levels button to add them to the user.
  • Click on the Save button to save the personnel record.

Watch Video Tutorial here.

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