Reports- History Events

Accessing the Report

From the main menu or sidebar select Reports to access the module. History- Events is the default report that is selected.

Defining the Report Criteria


Select who the report will be centered around. For a group of people, select the Company that the group belongs to, or use wildcards * for the Name(s) field. For people with specific credentials, simply enter their credential numbers delimited by a comma in the Credential Number(s) field.


If the report needs to focus on a specific location, then select the controller that the device is connected to and then select the Device(s).


Define when the event occurred. The default is for today, but a date range can be specified by choosing a Begin Date/Time and End Date/Time. If the event occurred between a specific time interval, then be sure to check the Interval checkbox to filter for events that only occurred between the defined time interval.


Define the event(s) that the report will specifically look for. If no events are selected, then all events will be included in the report.

Viewing the Report

To view the report, click on the Preview Data button in the top right corner. This will display the report data in a table format. The data returned is based on the criteria specified in the Who, Where, When, and What sections. The report can also be saved to a TAB delimited text file, a CSV (comma-separated values) text file, Word DOCX file, or PDF file. 

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