Adding an RI2M Subcontroller

This article below will guide you to add an RI2M subcontroller under an Azure IC2 in UnityIS


  • Follow the hardware installation manual for wiring the RI2M subcontroller to the IC2 controller
  • Make sure to set the hardware address using the dipswitches on the RI2M. Each RI2M wired under the same IC2 must have a unique address
  • Also take note of the COM Port (either 1 or 2) of the IC2 controller that the RI2M is wired to


  1. Login to UnityIS Web client with admin rights
  2. Go to Configuration>Hardware Manager
  3. In the hardware tree, select the IC2 controller where the RI2M is wired to
  4. Select the 'Address' dropdown button and select 'Add Sub-controller'
  5. In the Add Subcontroller window, select 'RI2M Sub' under the Sub-controller Type. In the Sub-Controller Address dropdown menu, select the address corresponding to the hardware address of the RI2M, 
  6. Click Add Sub-controller button
  7. The RI2M subcontroller should now appear under the IC2 in the hardware tree
  8. Next, use Download Manager to send a 'Hardware' download for that IC2
  9. In the IC2 Controller Status screen, the RI2m should now show online
  10. Complete

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