Assigning and Printing a Badge Template

Assigning a Badge Template

Using a Badge Template that was already created using Badge Designer, proceed to the following steps.

  • From the main menu, click on Access Control and then click on Personnel Manager to access the module.
  • Select a personnel record to assign the Badge Template to.
  • Once the record opens, click on the Advanced Tab and then select the Badge Template from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on Save button to apply changes.

Printing a Badge Template

  • Click on the PDF button next to the Badge Template dropdown.
  • Click on the Print button when the preview window for the badge appears.
  • Set the Paper Size to the same page size as the card dimensions that are loaded in the badge printer and then click on Print.
  • If the Paper Size option is not available, then you can set the Page Size PDF should Correlate to Badge Template Size property to Yes in Profile Editor.

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