Auto Alarm


Auto Alarm is a feature that when enabled, will automatically navigate the software to the Alarm Manager and display the most recent highest priority alarm.

This article describes the steps to configure UnityIS for Auto Alarm.

Steps to Configure Auto Alarm

  • Navigate to System Settings and then click on Profiles.
  • Scroll down to the Monitor and Control section.
  • Set the Auto Alarm to Auto Popup Alarm and then click Save.
  • Navigate to the Dashboard and generate an alarm.


  • When Auto Alarm is set to Auto Popup Alarm the Alarm Manager will automatically display when there is more than 1 alarm.
  • If Auto Alarm is set to Auto Popup Alarm and the operator is in Profile Editor or System Settings, then Alarm Manager will NOT automatically display. This was done intentionally as a way for the admin profile to turn off this feature in the event of runaway alarms.
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