QR Code Credential

UnityIS supports the ability to send QR Codes via email to a personnel record. The QR Code can then be read at any QR Code reader and used to grant temporary access to someone.

To utilize this feature, follow the steps below:

  • From the main menu on the left, click on Configuration and then click on System Settings to access the module. Please note that only the admin has access to System Settings.
  • Checkmark the Enable QR Code checkbox in the Personnel Manager Settings section.
  • The user record will open in a pop-up window. Under the Access Levels tab click on Edit Assigned Access Levels.
  • From the main menu on the left, click on Access Control and then click on Personnel Manager to access the module. 
  • Select a personnel record from the list or create a new record.

  • Next, make sure a valid email address has been entered for the personnel record, and then click on the Credentials tab.

  • From the Credentials tab, click on Add QR Code to create a QR Code for this personnel record.

  • Finally, click on the Email QR Code button to email the newly created QR Code to the personnel record. The email that they receive will come from unityis@unityis.net and the content of the email will contain a QR Code that can then be read by any QR Code reader. If an email was not received by the recipient, then please have them check their junk email folder.

To disable a QR Code Credential, simply perform any of the following. Please note that only one of the steps needs to be performed to disable the QR Code Credential:

  • Delete the QR Code Credential to make the QR Code invalid in the system. 
  • Change the QR Code Credential Status to something other than Active.
  • Change the QR Code Credential Expiration Date to a date before today.
  • Modify the Access Levels of the personnel record to deny access to all or specific readers.
  • Delete the personnel record to delete all associated credentials.

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