Azure IC2/IC4 Controller: Network Configuration

Considerations Prior to Setup

  • This guide is for on-premises systems only. Requires UnityIS Web 10.33.99 or newer. NOT Supported on the UnityIS Windows application.
  • Azure controller must be accessible from the UnityIS Web Server.
  • Port 443 must be opened to allow access to controller webpage.

Getting Started

  • Connect the Azure controller to the network. For the IC4, the shorter network port is configured for DHCP, and is the one that should be used.
  • Open an Edge or Chrome browser and type in the controllers host name (Begins with 'IC2' or 'IC4') and click on the 'Advanced' button:

  • Click the 'Continue to ic2-XXXXXX (unsafe) ' button to continue to the login screen:

  • Enter the default username of 'admin' and password of 'pass' and click the 'Sign In' button:

  • Click the 'Next' button:

  • From the 'Function' dropdown menu select 'Secondary' and click the 'Next Step' button:

  • From the 'Configure IPv4' dropdown menu select 'Manually' and enter the network parameters. Click the 'Next Step' button when finished:

  • Review the settings and click the 'Complete Setup' if the settings are correct:

  • You should now be able to access the controllers webpage from the newly assigned IP address:

  • Controller setup is now complete.
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