Log Manager

Log Manager module allows you to decide which events are displayed as Event or as Alarm in the Event Manager and/or Alarm Manager. You can change each event log type to choose what that particular event(s) will behave in Event Manager.

  • From the Main menu click on Configuration and then click on System Settings.
  • Under Configure Module menu, click on Log Manager to access the module.
  • You can type in a keyword to filter out related events and then change the log type for that event(s) to one of the following;
  • Do Not Log: The event will not be displayed and stored in the database either.
  • Log as Event (Hide): Event will not be displayed in Event Manager but will be stored in the database history.
  • Log as Event (Show): Event will be displayed in Event Manager and stored in the database.
  • Log as Alarm and Event: The event will be displayed in Event Manager and also as an Alarm in the system, based on the Alarm Priority for that event.
  • You can also configure it to send an email to either Controller Group Admin or System Admin when that event occurs.
  • Once you change the log type click on Save button to apply changes.

Watch video tutorial here.

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