Milestone Access Control Module (ACM) Setup


The UnityIS Web Milestone Access Control Module (ACM) integration merges IMRON Corporation’s world class open architecture security management software and Milestone’s video management system into a powerful security solution under a single, common operating picture using the Milestone XProtect Smart Client. The integration gives users a consolidated interface to operate access control systems. Dedicated functions in XProtect Smart Client enable users to effectively monitor access events, manually control passages, and conduct investigations on specific access points or cardholders from the UnityIS security management software. The integration is scalable supporting small sites to enterprise sites and allows the operator(s) to view UnityIS access control and alarm transactions from the Milestone XProtect Smart Client. The UnityIS open architecture offers legacy customers a method to leverage their existing installations and expand using the latest innovative field hardware.


Please ensure that you have the following prerequisites:

  • UnityIS v 11.5.x or higher
  • UnityIS Video Manager Module license
  • Milestone XProtect Management Client and valid door licenses
  • XProtect Smart Client
  • Milestone XProtect Event Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or newer (any suite)
  • Milestone ACM plugin files

Note: Any 2017 version or newer of Milestone is compatible with the integration. Please ensure that your Milestone software supports Milestone Access.

Installation of the Integration

I. Install or Upgrade UnityIS

The new Milestone ACM integration REQUIRES UnityIS version 11.5.x or higher. To obtain the full installation (For NEW INSTALLATIONS ONLY), please contact IMRON Technical Support (

II. Install the Milestone ACM Driver

Log into UnityIS & navigate to Hardware Manager and unlock the module. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1:

Righ-click on the hardware tree list, select  “Edit” and click on 'Add Driver'. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2:

In the 'New Driver' window, expand 'Video Drivers' and select 'Milestone ACM Driver' and click 'OK'. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3:

Click on the newly added Milestone ACM Driver to view the properties pane and then change the following:(See Figure 4) 

Service Username: Enter the Windows User Account used to start the other IMRON Services (must be Admin)
Service Password: Enter the password for the Windows User Account
ACM Server Port: 5000

Figure 4:

Right-click on the 'Milestone ACM Driver' driver and select 'Driver Command'. Click on 'Start Driver'. (See Figure 5)

Figure 5:

The Driver Status Screen should display 'RUNNING', current Date, Time Date and DLL Version. (See Figure 6)

Figure 6:

III. Installing and Configuring the Milestone ACM Plugin

On the UnityIS Server, open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the UnityIS installation folder (Typically: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\UnityIS'.
Copy the 'x64' folder. (See Figure 7)

Figure 7:

Log into the Milestone VMS Server and stop the 'Milestone Event Server'. (See Figure 8)

Figure 8:

Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the Milestone 'MIPPlugins' folder (Typically found in 'C:\Program Files\Milestone\XProtect Event Server\MIPPlugins') and paste the 'x64' folder. (Due to Windows Permissions, you may have to paste the folder into the Desktop first and then copy and paste into the 'MIPPlugins' folder). (See Figure 9)

Figure 9:

Start the Milestone XProtect Event Server . (See Figure 10)

Figure 10:

Launch the 'Milestone XProtect Management Client' and in the 'Site Navigation' list select 'Access Control' . (See Figure 11)

Figure 11:

In the 'Access Control' pane, right-click on 'Access Control' and select 'Create New'. (see Figure 12)

Figure 12:

The 'Create Access Control System Integration' window will open, enter the following:

Name: Specify a name for the integration. (ex: UnityIS ACM Integration)

Integration plug-in: Select 'ISMilestoneACM'

Server Address: Enter the IP address of the computer that is running the “Milestone ACM” Driver. (Typically: localhost)

Server Port: Enter “5000”

Debug Message: Leave Unchecked

Click 'Next'. (See Figure 13)

Figure 13:

Once the scanning of the access control hardware is completed, click 'Next'. (See Figure 14)

Figure 14:

The next step is to associate cameras to doors by dragging the camera to the corresponding door. (This is not required)
Once completed, click 'Next'. (See Figure 15)

Figure 15:

The window will display a message verifying the Milestone/UnityIS integration has been completed.
The  'Connection Status' will be diplay 'Connected'. Click 'Close' to finish the ACM integration configuration. (See Figure 16)

Figure 16:

The UnityIS ACM integration is now complete. To verify that the integration is working:

  • Launch the Milestone XProtect Smart client.
  • Select the 'Access Control' module.
  • Under 'Events' click on the 'All' dropdown menu and select 'Live Updates'.
  • Present a valid card to a reader.
  • You should now see an Access Granted event and video from the camera assoiciated to the reader (if any). (See Figure 14)

Figure 14:

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