Azure IC2/IC4 - Troubleshooting Access Denied: Time

Access Denied: Time with Azure IC2/IC4 Controllers

The Access Denied: Time event occurs when the time schedule associated to the Access Level of the credential is not activate. 

Additionally, the Access Denied: Time event may occur due to a time schedule mismatch.  Troubleshooting steps have been outlined below to address and resolve the time schedule mismatch with Azure IC2/IC4 controllers.


Access Denied: Time but should be Access Granted

  • In Hardware Manager, click on the controller. Check to see if the date/time is correct. The date/time should be within a few seconds of the controller time.
  • Verify that the time zone is correctly set. 
  • If the time is off by more than a few minutes, then use the Commands → Set Date and Time.


Time and time zone are correct, but changes when the panel loses power

The time zone and controller time should be correct and in sync.  When the panel loses power a small coin cell battery on the panel maintains the real time clock.  If however, the controller time changes when losing power, follow the troubleshooting steps outlined below.


  • Identify the battery on the IC2/IC4 controller.
  • Confirm that the mylar has been removed between the battery and the contact point.
  • If the mylar is not present, measure the battery voltage using a multimeter.
  • If the battery is bad, replace the battery.
  • Once the panel comes online after the battery replacement, go to “Commands ”→“Set Date and Time” to set the controller date and time. 
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