Create Access Levels by Adding ACRGs

Access Levels define users' access to doors/readers for a defined time schedule. Access Level means that for which days/hours (Time Schedule) can users get access to particular doors/readers. There are two ways to define Access Level, i) by adding individual readers and ii) by adding ACRG. The steps below will guide you to create Access Level using ACRG.

  • From the main menu click on Access Control and then click on Access Levels to access the module. Note: Please make sure that you are using the correct Controller Group.
  • Select an access level from the drop down menu that you wish to create/edit.
  • Under Command button click on Rename Access Level button to rename that access level.
  • Type in a new description and then click on Save button to rename Access Level.
  • Now under Command button, click on + Add Readers to add ACRG/readers to this access level.
  • In the Add Reader window, select a Time Schedule for this access level and then click in the Access Control Reader Group field and select ACRGs, you can add multiple readers/ACRGs in the same manner one by one.
  • Click on Add Selected Reader(s) button to finish creating your Access Level.

Watch Video Tutorial here.

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